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Perma Lubricants

perma Pro MP2



The perma Pro MP2 (Multi-Point 2) and perma Pro-C MP2 are automatic, multi-point lubrication systems which utilise a 2-point mechanical splitting system to evenly distribute grease to two points.  The perma Pro MP2 and perma Pro-C MP2 are fitted with a 500cc canister of factory filled grease.

The Pro MP2 system is a stand alone, battery powered system.  Meanwhile, the Pro-C MP2 is a PLC controlled system.  The Pro-C (C for Control) is primarily designed for machines which stop for extended durations of time, during which time the lubrication system goes into a "waiting mode" and does not discharge again until the machine recommences operation.  In addition to this feature, the system status can be monitored via a PLC-control system (eg. warning lights).

The pressure output from each outlet of the MP6 is 25 bar which allows grease lines up to 5 meters in length to be installed from each of the six outlets.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent lubrication of two points
  • 25 bar pressure output allows the flexibility of grease lines up to 5 meters in length
  • Can be programmed to deliver the full volume of grease at multiple time settings up to 24 months
  • Simple to operate splitting device


  • Lubrication systems should be mounted in IP 66 cabinets for outdoor operation or in indoor environments where high levels of dirt and water are anticipated.

Example Installation 1 - perma PRO MP2 installed on an electric motor

  perma PRO MP2 Operators Guide

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